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Crema News - La truffa arriva dal (finto) banchiere

Crema, 29 gennaio 2020

Occhio alla truffa del finto banchiere che vi chiede i dati per sbloccare dei soldi. I vostri.

La email viene spedita da <>(

Dear Friend.

I am Mr. Godwin Emefiele, the current executive governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria


I am please to inform you that an unpaid contract payment file worth Seventy Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($77.500.000.00) only was recently discovered during the auditing exercise at the closure of the fiscal year of 2018.

With my position as the Central Bank Governor it was easy for me to move the funds to a secure bank account in Europe which will be disclosed to you upon your confirmation of your interest on the transaction as my foreign partner.

The transaction, will be a bank to bank wire transfer to any nominated bank account of your choice.

Kindly supply me with your details as listed below as to enable me prepare the documents require for the transaction on your name for immediate release of the funds via the Europe bank to any nominated bank account of your choice.

Your Formal Name

Your Direct Contact Address

Your Bank Name & Address

Account Number,

Routing Number,

Swift Code

Your Private Telephone Numbers.

Form of Identification

I will personally furnish you with steps assigned for this payment inline

with the European banking system.

As to know whom you are dealing with, view the website below for verification.




Mr. Godwin Emefiele.

Excutive Governor Central Bank (CBN).

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